Friday, September 07, 2007

I got you, Babe's.

A funny thing happened on the way to Mexican food. We headed up Denton Highway on the lookout for a Tex-Mex restaurant, but it wasn't there. Since we were so far north, we kept on driving to Roanoke for supper at Babe's!

Mmmmmmm! Greasy goodness!

Both kids got a kick out of the jukebox:

And we all got a kick out of the arcade next door! It was reminiscent of an arcade from the '80s with its Millipede, Ms. PacMan and Asteroids machines.

We came. We ate chicken. We logged some high scores!


Jennifer said...

Whe I was young, my parents owned a ton of these games that they put into different Pizza Huts and restaraunts. One time, my dad brought home a DOUBLE SEATER MRS. PACMAN and Jule and I sat across from each other for hours and hours and played against each other. It was great! My dad even rigged it so that no quarters were required so it made our playing that much faster Ah, the good old days!

Anonymous said...

I had fun at the arcade and babes BUT when my mom got grease all over my harry potter 7 book i was not too happy!!! C'mon! It's the last book! I'm trying to read but no! It has grease all over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!Arggh!!

Besides that it was fun.

See-Dub said...

Oh, so it's Mom's fault that you brought your book to a fried chicken restaurant and then put it under the table? I see!


Anonymous said...

Well i love that book!!!! I'm obsessed with it!!!! It's so good I had to take it!!!! Sheesh!!!!!

Sorry fellow bloggers.