Sunday, September 02, 2007

Meanwhile, 280 miles northeast of Austin...

A report from Guest Blogger Katie:

While Mom was at her football game, we had a great time doing the annual reunion with my Nana's family in Marshall. It was at Ricky and Kristen's house with a pool, diving board and slide going into the pool--with a hot tub right next to it. (For the adults, it was to die for!)

With the football game in HD in the living room and the pool out back, it was a blast! It was like an extreme potluck dinner with all the brisket and dessert that everybody brought. Ricky and Kristen were really nice to let us stay the night at their house like they do every year.

And oh, I almost forgot--the family members! It was nice to see our dad's cousins, our second cousins and their kids. I'm glad we saw Dad's kind aunts and uncle, too.

I'll never forget Ricky and Kristen's daredevil dogs. They are daredevilly! One of them chased us around all the time, and we tried to throw the other one in the pool.

We had such a great time in one weekend! Aunt Linda put the first reunion together, and even though she passed away, we still do it in memory of her.

I wrote this so you could enjoy it! Bye-bye!

A report from Guest Blogger Ryan:

The reunion was so much fun. I had a great time in the pool because the slide was really cool. Kristen and Ricky are really nice. I liked when we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I also liked when we spent the night because we had so much fun staying up late with Alex, Kristen and Benjamin.

I ate so much junk food, I felt very hyper, woozy and really weird. I had 10 or more Oreos, lots of M&Ms, some cake. I had a lot of candy for the road.

We watched The Benchwarmers, which was lame but funny in a stupid sort of way. We did diving tricks, which was super fun, and the hot tub was SO relaxing. It was also cool that Kristen bought a copy of Dad's book. I had fun with Benjamin's miniature slot machine. Before we went home, we had Subway with the family members.

I had such a good time. Ricky, Kristen and Benjamin are so fun to be around!


Chris said...

Man, I'm jealous - I would have totally out-eaten you in oreos dude. Oh well, maybe next year I'll extend my Texas vacation just a little longer...

Chris said...

Katie - I wish I could have had some "extreme potluck dinner". All I get up here is "extreme organio vegetarian veggie mush" - blech (ok, I'm exaggerating, but still, definitely no Golden Corral, no Taco Bell... sigh).

Tami said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I am thinking of getting Tonya to bring some extra junk food to Power Zone. I would like to see Ryan "very hyper, woozy and really weird." Oh wait...maybe he was that way at Music Camp. :-)