Saturday, September 01, 2007

P.S. - Accountability.

For the record, I didn't reach my goal of losing 45 pounds by the season opener, but I did get awfully close to my original goal of 40 pounds lost by then. When I weighed myself Saturday morning, I had lost a total of 37 pounds. My summer plateau just lasted and lasted and lasted (I was stuck at 35 pounds gone), but since I've gone back to work, I seem to be back on track. And now that I've lost 37 pounds, that means I'm THIS CLOSE to being halfway to my goal! So boo for one short-term goal, but yea for the big one: long-term weight loss and maintenance!

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Jenna said...

That is fantastic!! I really admire you for working so hard towards your goal. I can't even manage to exercise some of the time. Giving up Dr. Peppers has not happened either. How do you do it?