Saturday, September 08, 2007

Who won the TCU-Texas game?

Yep! The winning team is spelled out in frog legs! HOOK 'EM!


Jennifer said...

You did not! Yucky frog legs.

I am pumped though that Texas won. Go horns!!

tamandscott said...

You're hilarious.

Jenna said...

That just grosses me out!! Did you eat them?

See-Dub said...

I did have a bite--a tiny, tasty bite--for good luck. And it worked!

Wade said...

Hey See-Dub,

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I thought I return the favor. I'm glad I did because I got a good laugh! Looks you know how to tailgate with the best of them!

I've never had frog legs but they look delish!

I also saw your pictures from Babe's - glad you enjoyed our fine dining we have to offer here in Roanoke. A friend of mine has never been so we're taking him this Saturday night - can't wait!

Hook 'Em!,