Friday, March 20, 2009

Austin's greatest hits: Co-op and Capitol.

Now which one of us picked the University Co-op as a must-see? Hmmm...

As many times as I've been there, you'd think I'd tire of it. But that inventory just keeps changing... so much burnt orange... (insert Homer's drooling sound here)

Speaking of repeat visitors, Ryan and Katie have been to the Texas Capitol countless times in their young lives, but they always request a return trip whenever we're in town.

Davy Crockett portrait

Sam Houston statue

Senate Chamber

Portrait of Barbara Jordan, one of my heroes

House Chamber

Light bulbs spelling "Texas"

Here's another shot that I'd like to see side-by-side with some older photos!

When we returned to the parking garage, I was able to get a glimpse of another of my fave Austin locales:
I'll be there in 169 days!

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