Thursday, March 19, 2009

Austin's greatest hits: Game Over and Terra Toys.

We called this trip our "greatest hits tour of Austin." Obviously we all love Austin, and over the years each of us has developed our own favorite haunts. Since we only had two days for this trip, we each listed our priorities, and we tried to do what time permitted.

Brett's first request: Game Over Videogames.

We first visited this store back in 2007 when Brett had a book signing there. Sure enough, the store still carries copies of Brett's book!

Brett was glad to visit the store and pick up material for his next book, and we got there just in time to catch the owner before he left for the day. He and Brett got to talk a little, and the kids and I got to try out the console games and the arcade classics.

After that we honored one of Katie's requests and stopped by Terra Toys. This is one of those super cool toy stores with all kinds of fun gadgets and creative playthings. Katie had conveniently remembered that the store was not far from Game Over, so we popped in.

Next stop: burgers and basketball!

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