Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweet shamrocks.

We had some friends over for the afternoon of St. Patrick's Day, so after a traditional Irish lunch (Taco Casa), we made a special holiday dessert.

First, we dipped the edges of pretzels in almond bark:

Next, we arranged the pretzels on wax paper:

Then we added green sprinkles to our creations:

The final product:

TA-DA! Sweet shamrocks!

We really liked the salty/sweet combo.

Of course, some of us REALLY liked the almond bark and went nuts dipping a bunch of pretzels.

After the shamrocks had time to dry, they actually remained intact after we pulled them off the wax paper!

They were easy to make and yummy! Since we're always on spring break on St. Patrick's Day, it was fun to do something to acknowledge the day besides wearing green. And this pretzel idea? As much as I'd love to take credit for it, I have to admit that it came from our old Irish pal, Patrick O'Google.

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Jenna said...

Those are cool!! I will have to try and remember that for next year.