Saturday, March 14, 2009

Out of our element.

So we're not into hunting, fishing or camping. So why in the world would we go to Cabela's?

Well, for one, Brett and Katie were spending a long day at the pinball festival. Meanwhile, Ryan chose IHOP for our lunch-for-two, and since we had plenty of time, Ryan opted for the IHOP across from Cabela's.

Plus, I'd never been inside the gargantuan store, so we figured, why not now?

The aquarium was impressive:

As was the display of wild animals:

Ryan had been to the shooting gallery before with friends, and he wanted to give it another shot—so to speak.

Throughout the store are hunting trophies. Everywhere you look there are fish and turkeys and deer and bear... As we left the shooting gallery, we turned around and Ryan said,
"Guess they hunt people, too!"

I'm thankful Ryan humored me and let me check out this place that I'd heard so much about!

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Jenna said...

Did you run into Mark there? It is his second home :) The fact that it is so close to our house is very bad for our budget! He always seems to find something that he can't pass up!