Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunshine day.

"I think I'll go for a walk outside now..."

Brett was working in Dallas on Wednesday, so the kids and I were just hangin' around the house. But one step outside and I knew we had to get us some sunshine!

We picked up lunch and headed to Adventure World for a picnic and a hike. Once we got there, though, we discovered that everyone else had the same idea. The place was packed! There were few parking places and no picnic tables available. We had just driven past another park that wasn't nearly so crowded, so we back-tracked to eat lunch in those more spacious digs.

Our own table, no waiting: Cool! We ran into some friends there, so that was an added bonus.

We still wanted to go to Adventure World for its nature trail, but we couldn't pass up the little path at this park.

There was even a sidewalk that made a nice racetrack:

We just couldn't believe how awesome the weather was, especially after last week's cold and rainy days.

Eventually we made our way to the trail at Adventure World.

Of course, all of last week's rain was not enough to "green up" these fields and forest.

Ryan was able to use Google maps on my iPhone to navigate us to a little pond in the area. Pretty cool!

Even though many of the trees were more autumnal than vernal, we LOVED the wonderful warm weather! YEA for spring, and YEA for spring break!

P.S. - Brett almost missed some of my recent posts because I added them below the ketchup bottle. I've been backblogging (and back-dating), so scroll on down to see if there's something new below that condiment!

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