Friday, March 20, 2009

Austin's greatest hits: Barton Springs Road.

We began our Saturday at our hostess's house, greatly entertained by her dogs, Max and Riley.
Isn't he precious?
The two of them together were such a hoot! We had fun watching them play and get ready for their morning walk. As C got their leashes ready, they went nuts, barking and turning in circles.

We were pretty excited about our own morning walk, too (however, with no leashes or barking involved). From C's house, we were off to Zilker Park for a little hiking.

We walked the Barton Creek Greenbelt, a trail that was popular among joggers and bikers on this gorgeous spring day.

This fallen branch looked like a monster's claw, and I really freaked when the kids started to touch it. Ew!


Skipping stones

After our little hike along the greenbelt, we headed toward the playground area for old times' sake. In fact, it was around this point in our day that I had a little breakdown. The kids had gotten ahead of us, and as we were looking for them, we thought we spotted them near a certain statue. The little brown-haired boy in the striped T-shirt alongside his little blonde sister looked just like our babies—about six or seven years ago! When I realized that our kids are much bigger and way older, I just couldn't stop crying! It's crazy how quickly they've grown.

In storage I have multiple photos of my babies on this fire truck.

After our morning at Zilker, we drove down Barton Springs to one of our favorite Austin restaurants:

It's not on the menu anymore, but I was glad they could still make my bean and cheese stuffed sopapilla with tomatillo sauce: heaven on a plate!

Brett got his usual enchiladas, and the kids? Well, you KNOW what they ordered:
And yes, that is Ryan's official "check it, I'm eating chicken strips again!" look.

Fat, happy and already a little tired, our Friday was just beginning!

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