Saturday, March 07, 2009

Chili at suppertime.

We rounded out our busy day at HCC's chili cook-off and family carnival, one of our big outreach events that draws lots of folks from our community. Of course, it takes lots of volunteers to make this event happen. Jamba did his usual bang-up job lining up helpers and promoting the carnival.

Katie was delighted to learn she could volunteer. It made me so proud to see her helping out in the concession stand. She has a servant's heart!

Meanwhile, Brett, Ryan and I did our part sampling chili. We each had six taster cups, and we jumped right into those crockpots, trying out a couple of meaty chilis right away.

After three samples, though, I was toast. Holy moley, do three little cups of chili go a long way! I gave Ryan and Katie the rest of my cups. Three little cups! That's all I could handle. I'm ashamed to admit that my iron stomach is no more.

This kid, though, had no problem putting away the chili!

While the chili cook-off was going on indoors, a crazy carnival was happening outside! We had bouncers, slides, obstacle courses, a train, a climbing wall and my personal favorite, a petting zoo.

I mean, REALLY. How could you not love this guy?

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