Monday, July 05, 2010

Vacation 2010: On our way.

Our plan was to leave home by 8 a.m., and by 8:15, we were on the road. (That's got to be a record for us!) First stop: Aunt Skeeter's house for lunch!

It was great to visit with her, Brett's cousin Marti, and Marti's daughter, Madison. After our feast, we got back on the road, but not before driving past Brett's grandparents' old house and the family cemetery:

Since we were on our way to visit some of our nation's historic sites, I thought it was appropriate that we began the trip with our own family history.

It was still daylight when we crossed the Mississippi into Tennessee. Hello, Memphis!

After a picnic dinner in our hotel room, we swam in the guitar-shaped pool.

The pool was just one of the special touches this Days Inn featured. Since it's across the street from Graceland, it was all Elvis-ed out! The room had Elvis pictures on the wall, and the TV had three channels of Elvis movies.

Outside, neon music notes and a pink Cadillac announced that this was not your ordinary motel.

The breakfast room was covered with memorabilia and pictures. (The next morning, reading all that stuff on the wall helped pass the time while we waited on the waffle-maker!)

Even the parking lot was appropriately marked.

After a night at that Days Inn, we were ready to see Graceland!

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