Monday, July 26, 2010

A very Brady bunco.

After two years of relying on others' generosity, I was finally able to host our bunco group in our new home back in July. It was fun to have these ladies over, and it was fantastic to not be imposing on my friends!
And how nice to have an extra sweet guest! Precious Baby B just melted everyone's hearts.

Although we missed several of our regulars, we had a full group of 12 thanks to some awesome subs:

The theme? A very Brady bunco, which is another way of saying Hawaiian.

Since this was in late July, I opted to leave the oven off.
Salads, anyone? We had spicy black bean salad, cherry fluff, potato salad, Snicker Bar salad,

and fresh summer fruit.

For prizes I gave Tervis tumblers with beach or '70s themes:

Of course, we have to thank our special babysitter:
ChaCha did such a nice job keeping sweet B company!

Thanks, girls, for helping us break in our new house, and thank you, Jeana, for taking most of these photos!

(Actual post date: 11/6/10)

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