Monday, July 05, 2010

More Flags, more fun.

Last Tuesday night provided us with an impromptu Six Flags run so Brett could get his season pass. We were there just long enough to ride the Titan twice and a few other favorites before (1) we got too tired and (2) the gully-washer hit.Brett and I still love to see pictures of the Six Flags we grew up with. This map reminded us of attractions that are long gone.
(Click on this image for a closer look.)

After our visit and right before the rain, we ate dinner at Cici's across from the Cowboys Stadium. That thing is such a monster!

So that was Tuesday night. On Thursday I took another break from my painting marathon to help chaperone another youth ministry Six Flags trip.

Unlike our last youth trip, the extra muggy/about-to-storm weather didn't close any rides. In fact, the tower (Oil Derrick, if you want to get technical) was even open! It'd been a long time since I'd been up there to get a bird's-eye view. That thing closes for high winds if someone sneezes a little too loudly.

I was especially anxious to get up there to see the Giant. It's easy to see the progress that's been made on that massive remodeling project.

Before too long, it was time to load up the cars and head back to the church building.

Both of these Six Flags youth trips were great fun, but each seemed odd because I was short a kid. Even though we kept doing head-counts with our church kids, I was still missing my own child! Last week it was Ryan who was at camp, and this time, Katie's the one who was in Oklahoma instead of at the park with us.

But on Friday, we were able to welcome Katie home.
It was SO good to get our girl back!
Because of the painting marathon (and the fact that we were out of eggs), Katie got a store-bought cake for her welcome-home party. She didn't seem to mind.

With both kids home from camp now (and both bedrooms painted!), we're ready for some more summer fun—together!

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