Sunday, November 04, 2007

Colt McCoy.

I was a Colt McCoy fan before he ever took a snap in a Longhorns uniform. Just seeing "C. McCoy" on his jersey was a thrill for me (since McCoy's my maiden name), and I had heard nice stories about his family and their ACU connections. Since becoming our starting QB, Colt has done nothing but impress me with his skills and tough-as-nails perseverance on the field, but more importantly, his character makes me so proud he's a Longhorn.

I've blogged about him before, but I read this today (sample line: " And with that, the baddest milk-swilling breakdancer ever produced by Tuscola Jim Ned High School kick-started a craze that caught on more quickly than the Macarena.").

So I just have to say it again: This is one great kid! (Yes, he's a kid because he's a college sophomore and I'm old enough to be his--gulp!--mother!)

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