Thursday, November 08, 2007

A love/hate relationship.

I hate computers.

This has not been my best week, technology-wise. Our journalism lab at school is in its last days (literally: we're expecting 25 new computers in 11--ELEVEN!!!--days!), and it seems like we're losing another functional computer every class period. Since the November newspaper issue goes to press Monday and the first big yearbook deadline is next week, our lack of working machines is a HUGE problem. My staffers play musical chairs all day: "Is that one working?" or "I get that one when you're through." My most-hated sentence this week: "Mrs. [Dub], it says the scratch disk is full!"

We're SO excited about our new computers and server, and even though we're sure to have some networking/software bumps before we're back in business, it's wonderful to know we won't be stuck with these computers all year. Still, this week has been a real struggle, and next week offers more of the same.

Combine those hardware issues with software glitches in my usual techno haven, church, and I'm one frustrated puppy.

But I'm blogging gratitude this month! Thinking positive! Not dwelling on the negative! (Grrr...) So here's where I balance the sour with the sweet:

Even though I may hate particular hardware or software at any given moment, I just love what computers let us do! I never really kept up with my kids' baby books, and I never was all that prompt getting film photos developed (or put in albums or--sniff, sniff--in scrapbooks). Blogging has given me this visual journal, though, and I take more everyday pictures--not just special occasions--and I know these shots will be precious to our family in years to come.

Another benefit has been getting to know all of you faithful bloggers better! It's been wonderful to connect with all of you whom I otherwise would barely know as acquaintances. And it's all thanks to this newfangled technology.

I love computers!


PB said...

So sorry about your trouble at school. I know you and the kids are very anxious to get the new ones.

Ditto on the being a bad photo developer, scrapbooking, and baby book scribe. I wish someone would have told me about this blogging thing sooner. Now I what to go backwards to add pictures of important events.

Thanks for letting us look into your Dubdom!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the new pic at the top. The Brady's rocks!!