Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday night blues.

Ryan: Hey, Dad, remember Friday night when I said on Sunday we'll think how lucky we were on Friday?
Brett: Yes, I remember.
Ryan: Well, it's Sunday!

Anybody else get the Sunday night blues? I worked with a guy who planned fun, date-night type activities every Sunday night for himself and his wife. Years ago I would scrapbook on Sunday nights to ward off those melancholy feelings. (That lasted until I realized I was starting every Monday sleep-deprived because I was staying up too late on Sunday nights!)

These days we head to our small group meetings on Sunday evenings for one last gasp of weekend spirit-lifting and socializing. But still, when it's time to double-check the backpacks again, we all get a little sad.

At least this weekend was super-sized thanks to the time change!

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