Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Have you heard this?

KLTY Christmas wish

We're praying for Jill, an HCC member who's on hospice care because of cancer. What this clip doesn't say is that Jill's mom, who also had cancer, died on Thanksgiving day.

In his sermon Sunday, Jim talked about how, on his way to see the family, he was thinking that this must be an awful holiday for them. When he got there, though, they told him that this Thanksgiving was extra special, even though they had lost their wife, mother, grandmother. Jim explained that when Jill's mom was diagnosed with cancer, she was given six months to live. That was in 1978. Her family was grateful for the 29 years they had after that diagnosis.

I'm thankful to have heard their story, and I'm thankful that KLTY was able to fulfill this Christmas wish for Jill and her three kids.

And we'll keep praying...

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