Monday, November 12, 2007

More! More!

Saturday's tailgate was all about excess! We had more people, more food and more fun!

We had our biggest crowd of the season for the Tech tailgate, with about 50 folks showing up throughout the afternoon.
We all enjoyed watching the pregame shows (Mizzou vs. A&M and Michigan vs. Wisconsin), and the kids took turns playing tailgate golf.
For lunch, we were treated to a variety of brats, spicy sausages and hot dogs:
Wow, it was SO spicy!

How spicy was it? Well, what does this tell you?

Around 1 p.m. clouds started rolling in, and we were wondering if we'd have a repeat of the K-State washout:

The clouds only cooled us off, though, giving us pleasant breezes as we all shot the breeze.
It was a perfect way to end our tailgating season. But when it was over and the tailgate tubs were packed, it left me thinking: I wish we could have more.

Only nine more months to go until the next tailgate!

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