Friday, November 23, 2007

Good thing I don't obsess over football.

If I did get wrapped up in such a dumb sport, I'd feel like throwing up instead of putting up our Christmas tree.

If I did invest so much of my energy in the Horns, I'd be yelling for coaches' heads, completely baffled by how our defense never really overcame the struggles (blown coverage, missed tackles) that we saw in the first game of the season, problems that good coaching could've-- should've--corrected.

If it mattered that much to me, I'd be angered by Heard's hit to Colt's head, the second year in a row he's gotten away with a cheap shot. It'd make me even crazier that he'll be glorified for low blows (or in today's case, a blow to the head).

If I were the die-hard, obsessive type, I'd be crushed that in spite of playing his heart out, Colt didn't get revenge on those losers who called him Cart McCoy and made fun of him when he was injured last year. That one would really get me riled up. I'd be so disappointed in those dropped passes that could've made a difference, too.

If I did care, I'd be SO MAD right now. Instead, I'm whistling a happy little tune and skipping around the house, overflowing with Christmas spirit.

Good thing.

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Angi said...

David says it could be worse... you could be a Notre Dame grad.