Friday, November 09, 2007

Fun by the yard.

My day usually begins with these beauties at the kitchen window, meowing their morning greetings:

Even though we can usually count on seeing the cats in the yard, we never know what else we'll find in front of our house. This morning, I found art work on the driveway under my car. (It was too dark to see it when I got home last night.)
This afternoon I expected to see our kitties on the sidewalk, but I was a little surprised to find KitKat and ChaCha practically snuggling with each other:
And then there was this HUGE spider that seemed to be suspended in mid-air:

But the biggest surprise came after our dinner out tonight when I found THIS in our yard:
Who knew a light saber duel would break out on our lawn!
Such fierce competitors! What strength! What skill! The Force is strong in these two!
A busy place, our yard is.

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Jenna said...

I love how "boys rule" is written underneath the shark! I can't imagine who wrote that :)