Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009.

It's Christmas morning!

Ryan and Katie (and ChaCha!) first checked out our stockings. They were a little confused since their big Santa presents weren't there or under our big tree.

Found 'em! Santa brought Ryan a game console and Katie an iPod Touch.

"REALLY?!" Ryan was a little surprised to see an XBox 360 under the tree. He thought he was just going to get money to help him buy one.

Brett didn't know what to think of the pooping cow candy dispenser Santa left in his stocking.

Santa didn't leave out ChaCha and Frisco, but they didn't get the candy dispensers. With those two, poop is no laughing matter.

I think the kids like their presents.

Among our gifts were...the New Moon soundtrack,

a Texas glass globe ornament,

a sweet letter and $5,

a Beatles calendar,

Atari boxers,

a picture of our family,

and a belly rub.

I was taking pictures (duh), but I was blessed to receive gift cards that Brett and I can use for dates (!!!!), a Sandra Boynton Mom calendar (that I can't live without), and the special edition West Side Story DVD set. I love them all!

While Katie started adding apps to her iTouch, Ryan wasted no time setting up his 360. Ever the stickler, ChaCha helped by following the box's directions:
Good kitty!

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