Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yo! ChaCha (w)raps!

Everybody's getting dressed up for Christmas!
But ChaCha was disappointed that her "one size fits all" shirt didn't quite live up to its billing! (Of course, we know it's because our cat is exceptional!)

But isn't she stylin'?
It's just the right outfit for lounging around the house.

A little touch of white fur really sets off her actual fur!

And her top didn't keep her from doing what she does best! (Still, the shirt didn't last much longer than it took to snap these photos!)

ChaCha is also quick to help with Christmas chores during the holidays.
She seems drawn to anything new on the carpet, so it makes sense that she'd gravitate to the wrapping paper!
With her help, these gifts were wrapped in no time!

All this Christmas stuff is EXHAUSTING!

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