Monday, December 14, 2009

A very bunco Christmas.

Thanks for the photo, Jeana!

The whole gang was on hand for our December bunco! Jenna hosted an evening of yummy food and "reindeer games."
Our first game was to guess the flavor of "reindeer poop." This was quite challenging, especially once we got a taste of the nasty licorice crap poop Jelly Belly beans! Later we played a Christmas carol trivia game and had a "snowball fight":
For this one, we had to catch marshmallows that a teammate chunked at us.
TIP: Lobbing the "snowballs" is much more successful—and less painful—than taking point-blank shots!
Maggie looked on in disinterest once she realized she wasn't getting any of the aromatic presents.

Thanks, Jenna, for being such a great hostess! It was wonderful to spend the evening with my "deer" friends!

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