Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas.

I must confess: When we awoke on Christmas Day to see a blanket of snow still on the ground, I wasn't impressed. Having a "white Christmas" is overrated, I decided. Granted, I was still devastated by the loss of our friend, and I was disappointed that the weather had canceled our church's Christmas Eve service. Plus, my brother-in-law was stuck in Oklahoma, and my sister-in-law wasn't able to drive to Ranger for their Christmas celebration. All that equals one pooty See-Dub. Bah humbug.

But then Tim's wife updated her Facebook status and pointed out that Tim "is in Heaven celebrating with the angels and our Lord and Savior on this beautiful white Christmas morning!" Well, crap. If Amy can see the beauty in this snow, surely I can!

Yes, that would be my son playing in the snow in SHORTS.

Yes, indeedy, that's my daughter in SHIRT SLEEVES! Our kids don't get cold! Rolling all those snow balls helped 'em work up a sweat, too.

In spite of my bad attitude, I have to admit: It was a gorgeous day! Plus, because of the change in plans, Kelly and Chris joined us for Christmas dinner. That was a nice treat.

I even pulled out our wedding china and stainless. As Ryan would say, we had to get all "fancy pants"!

The food was delish, and the company was wonderful. Best of all, while Kelly and Chris were still here, Mike showed up at our door!

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