Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family Christmas.

Wow! We just got out of school, and already it's time for Christmas at Nana and Papa's!

Uncle Mike got the party started by stripping down to his Texas shirt. Sure, it's a grinchy Texas shirt, but it counts!

Everybody has assigned seats at Christmas. Do all families do that? It's nothing mandated, of course, but every year we take our traditional spots! When Jeff joined our family, he took his place next to Cara on the couch. We're SO GLAD he and Cara (and Chris, too!) could be with us again this year and beyond blessed to have Jeff in our family!

Adam got a couple of Longhorn shirts and a headband (which he put on right away). Love it!

I remember when Amanda and Emily were babies, and now they're TEENAGERS?

I love my Texas towels and coasters! Thanks, Cara and Jeff! (And thanks to Kelly, too, for taking some of these pix!)

Kelly liked the picture of her "boochie" with Frisco!

Memaw liked her extra-soft blanket.

Ryan didn't get all "bowed" up, but he did try one on!

Chris got a copy of this season's must-have: Classic Home Video Games, 1985-1988. Since Chris is a member of the Nintendo generation, Brett knew he needed this book! Besides, the book is dedicated to him and his family. By the way, it's not too late to get your own copy! Did I mention it's also available on Kindle? End of shameless plug.

Cara and Jeff gave Nana and Papa a family portrait from their wedding.

Katie was excited to get her drawing set. Later, Chris showed Katie some art techniques.

Chris ended the traditional portion of the evening with his reading of Perry Poops, a ridiculous book that cracks us up to no end. Then it was time to watch the Cowboys upset the (previously) unbeaten Saints! We also watched Texas in the national championship volleyball match. Even though the Horns lost, that couldn't put a damper on this Christmas party! It was wonderful for us all to celebrate together.

And to all a good night!

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