Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aging gracefully.

Our little girl has one foot in the children's ministry and one foot in youth. Since music camp allowed kids who had finished sixth grade to participate, she's part of that CM program. But since Power Zone and youth promoted at the beginning of June, she's also participating in events with the teenagers, too.

That's why she left for church at 7:45 this morning and just returned home at 10:30: a full day of KidSONG followed by tonight's summer youth series outing.

When the musical closes on Sunday night, our family officially will have graduated from the children's ministry. I can still recall dropping off our babies with their diaper bags in the church nursery. How can we not have any kids in the kids' ministry? All the take-home papers and refrigerator art, the Bear in the Big Blue House backpacks stuffed with wipes and a little tub of Cheerios... Now it's all about the text messages and fast-food cash.

Still, this whole "growing up" thing has its rewards—and I don't just mean for Ryan and Katie. Family of four minus two kids at SYS equals DATE NIGHT FOR MOM AND DAD!

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