Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Questions, questions.

So whose great idea was it to paint both kids' bedrooms in consecutive weeks while Ryan and Katie were at camp?

Oh, yeah. Mine.

It sounded good, anyway. While they're gone, I can completely take over their spaces. And how nice to finally get fresh paint on those tired walls. Too bad I forgot to figure in the tired Mom.

And I am beat! Last week's de-arking nearly did me in. This week I'm facing fatigue plus a million other chores that must be accomplished before we can go on vacation. Oh, and Six Flags. Tomorrow I'll be chaperoning another Six Flags trip, which means I'll be in the park for the fourth time in three weeks.

When Katie comes home Friday afternoon and sees her new bedroom, it'll all be worth it, and when school starts in the fall, I'll be so glad that we can check two more rooms off the to-be-painted list.

Tonight, though, I'm tired, and I have to wonder how I ever imagined I could get so much done in so little time!

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