Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Three little words.

For years I waited for those three little words. Week after week, month after month, I ached for affirmation that what I wanted, someone else wanted, too.

After such an extended period of unrequited longing, I had begun to lose hope. Sometimes we have to just let go of those dreams, right? But then, one afternoon after a particularly long day at work, even as my spirits were sagging, I finally saw something that transformed my downcast mood. My fantasy was coming nearer to reality. I saw those three little words:
(Insert "Hallelujah Chorus" here.)

This intersection, which is now ruled via four-way stop, is the closest one to our church building. That means we pass through it at least three times a week. Because of music camp and SYS on top of our usual church services, this particular week we'll be crossing those paths no fewer than nine times. NINE TIMES! That's nine awkward "you go"/"no, you go" pauses, nine opportunities for an accident.

Several months ago I ran sound for a homeowners association meeting, and the whole ordeal was completely worthwhile because of the big announcement that signal lights were coming to this intersection as well as another at the interstate overpass nearby. I was elated to know that the end was near for our dern four-way stop. Ever since our new church building opened, I'd hoped we'd have traffic lights there someday. Not only is the intersection inconvenient, it's also dangerous. My mom even had an accident there last year.

Because of the HOA meeting, I knew the light was on its way, but I had grown tired of waiting. I'd about given up. But then, on my way to a church meeting, there was that glorious sign I'd longed to see.

As of this week, the actual lights (complete with red-light cameras) are in place, just waiting to be turned on. Every time I pass that way, I'm thrilled to see the progress the city has made. I used to dread that intersection, but now I'm filled with hope that relief is near.

I'm loving those three little words.

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