Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun Friday.

What a fun but crazy day Friday was! It began with a trip to Six Flags with our church youth group and ended with another family get-together, this time to celebrate Nana's birthday. In between, Ryan came home from camp!

Here's the Six Flags part of our day.

Three of us had just gotten off Tony Hawk's Big Spin when it was closed because lightning was nearby. Then the rain came! It didn't last too long, but it did get us nice and wet. We rejoined the big group and headed towards the Flashback. Several of our teens were next in line when THAT ride was closed, too. Uh oh.

From there we walked to the center of the park and took a lunch break. By the time we had eaten, the weather had cleared and rides were running again.

After a quick drive, it was finally...
TITAN TIME! The lines were fairly short (after a brief "technical difficulty" that shut down the ride for about 10 minutes), so we rode it twice.

The more hardy members of our entourage took a spin on Aquaman.

Then they waited on the bridge for the big splash.

And yes, it was a BIG splash!

They were soaked!

Our fearless head chaperone was brave enough to ride the Acme Rocket. (Yes, I have ridden it. No, I will not ride it again!)

As we watched the rocket go upside down, we couldn't help but think how Phil really flips for our student ministry!

The rain and ride closures slowed us down a bit, but everyone had a great time just being together.

And our busy Friday was just beginning...

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