Monday, June 07, 2010

The week formerly known as music camp.

It's back and better than ever! OK, maybe it's a little too early to claim the "better than ever" part, but music camp is back. It's called KidSONG now, but it looks an awful lot like the workshops of old: five weekdays spent learning/preparing for the musical to be presented on Saturday and Sunday.

For the record, we've survived "Go, Go, Jonah," "Esther-ordinary Faith," "Hans Bronson's Gold Medal Mission," "Holy Moses," "Donkey Tales," "Nic at Night" and "Amerikids." This year Katie and I are taking on "Fish Tales," but not Ryan. He's too old!

Today's highlight: the Bubble Lady! Her show was impressive, but my very favorite part was hearing the younger kids' responses to the big bubbles. Over-the-top, full-throated WOWs! Loved that!

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