Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hearts of darkness.

What could possibly cause a man, an army major, a psychiatrist, to start shooting at people? Why would he walk into a crowded room, armed with two guns, and open fire?

Today's tragedy at Fort Hood has left us heartbroken and bewildered. Our military personnel, their families, and the civilians who work on base already endure many hardships. That a shooting like has happened is just mind-boggling. Our service men and women already sacrifice so much to protect our country. As the president said, that they would face this violence at home is horrifying.

And now we hear that the suspected shooter is alive. I'd like to think he'll be able to answer some of our questions, but I know there can be no satisfaction. Twelve people are dead, many more wounded, and no explanations will make any sense.

And then there's this: As soon as I heard the suspect's last name, I knew what was coming next. Within half an hour, the evidence crossed my Twitter feed. Muslims and mosques were being threatened. Which brings up another question: Why would anyone think that one man could possibly represent all Muslim Americans? No one would EVER assume he represents all American soldiers!

I'm also not assuming that those crazies represent all Americans. I think Americans are better represented by the Twitpic that was posted within few hours of the first news reports. Someone who was at Scott & White Hospital in Temple heard the call for blood donors go out, and moments later, he discovered the donation line was already out the door.

On days like this one, when we're faced with these hearts of darkness, we have to remember that there's goodness out there, too. And more than ever, "let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

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Cheryl said...

This was a beautiful post in the face of such a tragedy.