Wednesday, November 04, 2009

So it's come to this.

Actually, I have yet to give up entirely on my old hard drive, and I hope that I can recover some of that data. But life must go on, and I must have a computer! It may be tomorrow before I get OS X installed on my new drive, but at least I got that puppy in there and it's humming right along.

While I'm watching this blue progress bar snake its way across the screen, let me just say:

• My husband is awesome for taking my Mac to the Genius Bar while I was at work. He knew I wouldn't be able to go for days, and I was obviously distraught. Once he talked to the Apple folks, I had answers and could start working toward a solution.

• I knew it was possible to post to Blogger via email from my phone, but I have to admit: This is easier than I thought! If I only had teenaged thumbs...

• Some friends of mine are going through some really anxious times right now, and their circumstances remind me that my stupid laptop crash is most definitely not the life-shattering event I thought it was. It's a bummer, but that's it. I need to get over myself and move on. Restore and reboot. So instead of whining, I'm praying for good news and peace for my friends as they wait.

Oh, look! We're 88% complete! Almost time for install disk 2!

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linguicide said...

Hey Aunt Charis, if you still haven't recovered your data from the crashed HD by my next visit, I'll take a look at it - I've had some (successful!) experience with this sort of thing.