Thursday, November 19, 2009

Upwardly mobile.

It seems like just a few weeks ago that Ryan was creating his literary element mobile, but it's actually been two years since he made his "Magic Three" lampshade. And now that Katie has the same sixth grade pre-AP teacher, it's time for her to make her own.

Her literary term? Onomatopoeia! Now THAT'S a great word! Not only is it fun to say and spell, but it brings Batman to mind. "CRASH! POW! Ker-PLOOEY!"
My creative daughter didn't want to use coat hangers for her mobile. No, sirree, she decided to use cereal boxes. And not just any cereal boxes; she used Cap'n Crunch and Pops! How perfect is that?

As Katie worked on her mobile, I mentioned Todd Rundgren's onomatopoeia song. She had never heard it, and I couldn't find my recording of it. So Katie, here you go:

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