Monday, November 09, 2009

Sick day.

We just thought Ryan was on the upswing. Both kids stayed home from school today, and by the time I made it home from work, I wasn't feeling too hot myself! Katie has now joined Ryan with a strep diagnosis, and both kids are on antibiotics. As for me? It's the last week of our trimester at BHS, so I can't imagine how I can afford to miss a day! Pretty hard for a sub to review a trimester's worth of material in my absence, much less grade the last of the assignments and finals. But you know how it goes: Just as soon as I say I can't miss, I'll have to!

So this'll have to do for NaBloPoMo post #9. I still have a couple of pix from Sunday to post, but those will have to wait until I have just a little bit more stamina! I've got to get myself to bed.

But first, I will say how thankful I am that Brett works at home. As much as I wish I could've been the one to take the kids to the doctor, I know that we are so very blessed that Brett has that flexibility in his schedule to deal with sick kids or the million other things that come up during the day while I'm at school.

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