Saturday, November 28, 2009

So very thankful.

More Thanksgiving photos are coming, but today I'm compelled to record just how very thankful I am that we're in our new home. This afternoon we pulled our Christmas tree out of the garage, and as we were setting it up, I remembered this time last year when we were just a few weeks removed from the tremendous disappointment of NOT moving. By the time the sale of our house fell through, we had already cleared out many of our belongings, and just decorating for Christmas required spelunking trips into the depths of our stacked boxes and tubs in storage.

As we decorated our tree last year, we were still grateful to have a home, but we were so disappointed that we weren't in the house we thought would be ours. By the time our house sold "for real" this summer, we were old pros at getting by without all our stored junk, but last Christmas, we were still unaccustomed to life without our stuff. We also felt like we'd never get out of Dodge and we'd be stuck in that house forever. Those were not the best of days for the Dubs! I'd like to think we made the most of Christmas, but looking back, I can remember so well that feeling of disappointment.

But we kept the faith, and here we are! Praise God! Today as I pulled out the familiar decorations and found new places for them, I was overwhelmed with joy. We've been in this house for two months now, but there was something about seeing our stockings above our new fireplace, something about hanging our old "DecemBear" calendar in our new kitchen, that got to me. We're here! We're really here!

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