Saturday, November 21, 2009

Woman of few words.

I'm blogging from row 52 in section 1 at DKR! I know tonight will be a late one, and I don't want to miss a NaBloPoMo post. Ergo, blogging from the stadium!

It's ironic that I'm writing here of all places. It is here, after all, that my vocabulary seems to shrink. For the 3 1/2 hours I'm here, I say little more than:

• "Get him!"

• "Deeeefense!"

• "Oooooooooh!"

• "C'mon, D!"

• "Where's the flag?"

• "Are you kidding me?"

• "Yesssss!"

• "Fight!" (in response to the east side's "Texas!")

Those phrases pretty much sum up my gametime utterances!

OK, it's halftime! Horns are up 27-6, and the LHB is playing '80s hits--you know, songs from WAY back when I was a student here!

Hook 'em!

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