Monday, November 10, 2008

Backwards tailgating.

Since our game was at 11, we met at the tailgate before kickoff for a few snacks.

Once we got there, Katie called Dad to check in with him.

We hung out there for a bit until it was time to mosey to the stadium.

After the game, we were ready for some bear meat! (Actually, it's just beef, but doesn't bear sound so much more exotic?)

The H-E-B cookie! When the kids and I went by the store that morning, there were no UT cookies to be found. One bakery worker said we were out of luck, but another said she could whip one up for us. Whew! Wouldn't want to go to a tailgate without our lucky cookie!

Our Grill Men of Genius did their usual bang-up job cooking the steaks. Unbelievably good!

And so went tailgate #6!

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