Saturday, November 22, 2008

Well, THAT wasn't fun...

Really? 65-21? REALLY?! I never saw THAT coming. Unfortunately for Tech, the Red Raiders didn't see a lot of things coming.

Today was a very bad day for Tech fans, but it was almost as bad for us Texas fans. For one, we all had to listen to that abomination of a fight song over and over and over tonight. On top of that:
  • Our unique opponents were 1-3 today (only Rice won; Arkansas, Florida Atlantic and UTEP all lost). That hurts our strength of schedule in the BCS. Meanwhile, OU's opponents were 3-2 (TCU, Cincinnati and KSU won). That helps them.
  • If OU beats #13 Oklahoma State next weekend, they will make up the difference in the computers and pass Texas in the BCS rankings. The Horns SHOULD beat the Aggies Thursday (PLEASE!!!), but since the Aggies are unranked, that win won't be as big since it's not against a "quality opponent."
  • So if Tech, Texas and OU all have one conference loss, the team with the higher BCS ranking will play in the Big 12 championship game. OU would play Mizzou for the conference title.
So here's what could help Texas:
  • Tech could lose to Baylor. Not holding my breath for that one.
  • OU could lose to OSU. Not as far-fetched, but still not likely. That still wouldn't get us in the Big 12 championship because Tech has the head-to-head with us if it's a two-team tie. It could get us in the BCS's #2 spot and into the national championship game, though.
  • OU could lose the conference title to Missouri. Again, not likely.
  • Florida State could upset Florida, and Florida could beat 'Bama. That could clear the top of the BCS list to make way for representatives from the (far superior) Big 12!
(A much better breakdown of one fan's BCS projections is on

All of this because of that debacle in Lubbock three weeks ago! I have to remind myself that going into this season, we never would've imagined we'd be contending for a national title. Still, it's quite possible that we'll end up with one loss (IN THE LAST SECOND ON THE ROAD AT THE END OF A GRUELING FOUR-GAME STRETCH) and play in the Cotton Bowl. Lame.

(Speaking of college football: What up, ACU? 93-68? WOWZERS!)

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