Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Recovery report.

Now that we're nine days removed from Ryan's fall and 12 days from our real estate implosion, I figure a State of the Household address is due. Last week was not one of our best, but we're still kicking!

Ryan's healing up nicely, but the inside of his mouth is still somewhat torn up. Some foods are a little difficult for him to eat. But his biggest problem lately has been a cold that's giving him fits—coughing fits, specifically. Still, this week is much better than last, and now that we're on Thanksgiving break, he should have plenty of time to rest and recuperate.

We're still adjusting to the idea that our house is back on the market. We're still forgetting that our belongings are not here but down the street in a metal building. We're still frustrated when we can't find the church directory or the game system charger. And we're still bummed about the house that got away.

BUT! The previously closed door was opened a crack last night when we heard that our would-be buyers have new prospects for financing. We don't dare get our hopes up, but the idea that we could sign new contracts with them AND for the house we want... !!! ??? !!! I just don't know what to think anymore. I do know that even that glimmer of hope was enough to send me back to our pictures of that new house for the first time since we terminated the contracts. I allowed myself to think—ever so briefly—about where the couch would go, what color the walls would be. Dangerous territory, I know.

Our only constant lately has been uncertainty! I don't know if the move will be back on. I don't know if we should even bother getting out our 17 tubs of Christmas decorations. (I also don't know if I can bear to NOT unpack those treasures.) I don't know if the house we want will still be on the market this time next week. And I don't know if OU will pass Texas in the BCS standings after this week's games.

What do I know? I know that the four of us were able to snuggle on the couch tonight to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I know that Texas beat OU by 10 points on a neutral field. I know that all this house stuff is just a reminder of how blessed we are to have a house at all.

And I know, I know that my Redeemer lives.

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