Friday, November 07, 2008

Every move I make.

No, we haven't moved yet.

No, we don't even have a closing date.

Yes, we need your prayers.

Because of some issues on the buyer's side, the closing on our current house has been delayed. We're beyond anxious because (1) most of our stuff is now boxed up and sitting in a storage unit and (2) we need to close on the house we want by the end of next week. Then there's the looming (3): What if the deal falls through and we have to move back into our old house?

The kids and I are in Austin tonight/tomorrow, blissfully far away from the boxes and the few remaining items that I just can't get motivated to pack (for fear that our house will not really sell and we'll just have to unpack it again). My goal this weekend is to STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS STUPID HOUSE STUFF. (See me not thinking about it? SEE?) So far, no good. I can't quit thinking about the scenarios, and in spite of my prayers, I'm just not letting go of this one.

Why? Why am I not trusting God? When we got this offer on our house and found the new one, I felt God's presence in each step of the decision making. But now, this move is not progressing according to MY schedule, so I suddenly forget that God is with us! I'm not just failing, I'm bombing this test. Way to go!

So please pray for us. Pray that I can completely lean on the Lord and let go of this all-consuming worry. And please pray that God will guide our every move, figuratively and literally!

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Jenna said...

It is so hard!! I will be praying for you guys.