Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who won the Texas-Kansas game?

Texas 35, Kansas 7.

This game had me worried! In spite of our apparent domination, the score was 7-0 for way too long. Unfortunately for my family, I have yet to realize that the team can't hear me when I'm not there—which is why I'm usually THERE. It took a while, but before the half we were back in business, the rout was on, and my yelling at the TV wasn't quite so vigorous.

This week's T-E-X-A-S comes in the form of Sun Chips. Why Sun Chips? What else would you do for the Kansas Jayhawks? I ended up with the Sun Chips because Kansas is famous for its SUNflowers, and just take a look at those ingredients:
Yes, yes, it's a stretch, but these chips were in honor of our wheat-waving opponent! Fortunately for us, KU fans weren't waving much wheat (or disodium phosphate) today!

With this win, the Longhorns are 10-1. That means the Horns have won at least 10 games in the last EIGHT seasons IN A ROW. I have no doubt that Texas is the best one-loss team in the nation (with our loss coming at the last second on the road). If only those USA Today voters would agree!

So we head into the bye week with this big ol' Tech-OU game looming, and all we can do is watch and root for... root for... Hmm...

OU? It goes against every bone in my body, but that could set up a three-way tie in the Big 12 South (assuming OU beats OSU the following week). If voters and computers manage to keep us ahead of the Sooners in the BCS, we'd likely head to KC to play for the conference championship. But if OU beats Tech, would they jump us—even though we beat them by 10 on a neutral field and lost to Tech in Lubbock?

Tech? It would be sweet to see TT beat the Sooners on their own turf, and if Bama managed to lose, Texas just might sneak into that #2 spot in the BCS. A Texas-TTU rematch in Miami would be way, way cool. But if Bama lost to Florida, those Gators would probably leapfrog us.

What a mess! Not much to do but wait and see what happens—and hope for a playoff someday!

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