Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"A Sketch of Jim (Partial)": Part 2

My grandmother's account of my father's health continues. At the end of Part 1, my dad's doctor had just informed the family that their baby might be a "bleeder." In this part, Granny describes an accident eerily similar to Ryan's accident two days ago but with far worse consequences. What a difference 65 years can make! I can't imagine a world without pediatric hematologists, blood banks and clotting factor.

Continued from Part 1

He began to overcome this, though, and was soon running around in the house, cast and all. Then all went well except for several bruises that were minor until he was about 18 months old. I had gone shopping and left him with my girls and a sister-in-law. When I returned, they ran out to tell me the baby (Jim) had fallen and hurt his mouth. When I examined him, I found he had knocked one of his front teeth loose. Still not understanding our problem, we treated him as any other mother would their child, but by the next morning, he would not play and was pale as could be, and then he started vomiting blood. I took him immediately to the doctor, and as soon as he saw him, he called my husband and told him to meet us at the hospital. We went there and they typed and crossmatched the blood of my husband, me, and our son. Fortunately the father and son were of the same type blood and were compatible.

Our doctor worked for what seemed like hours and had difficulty giving the blood as our baby was pale and weak but still had fight in him. Finally the doctor left and in a few minutes returned and finally completed the blood transfusion. Then our son went to sleep. Later the doctor returned and told us to keep him real quiet. Then he said, "I left a while ago and went in a little room and prayed that I would get the blood in him." Then he said there would be many more such episodes.

He was my son, I had brought him into the world, and with help of so many who were so interested in him, that surely I could be strong, too. He was a pretty and very sweet and lovable baby. My husband's family lived here in the same city, and of course were very attentive and helpful. Our neighbors all were interested and at the church we attended, everyone was thoughtful, helpful and offered assistance, even gave of their blood.

To be continued...

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