Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Way to RO.

As I sit here grading the last few research papers for this trimester, I'm amazed that the run-on sentence is ever so prevalent, in spite of my reminders, in spite of in-class exercises, my students, these seniors just six months away from their high school diplomas, still just go on and on and on without even thinking of using a period, I mean, why use a period when you've got all those commas at your disposal, you know, but the period is RIGHT THERE NEXT TO THE COMMA, and hey, the semicolon's even on the HOME ROW, right, but hey, it's only a comma splice never-ending sentences aren't all that annoying, are they?

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Angi said...

I try to get mine to use PARAGRAPHS, but they can't be bothered. They worry about the rules, how many sentences go in a paragraph... I try to explain that they don't want the reader to pick up the paper and dread reading it because there are no places to take a mental breath, but alas, they don't get it. I know they hit return between text messages. Don't they?