Saturday, November 22, 2008

We may not have moved...

...but our stuff has! This was our storage unit after our October 13 workday:

And this is what it looked like last Saturday when we went to retrieve a few things:It has taken a few days, but we getting used to the idea that we'll be staying here for the foreseeable future and NOT moving into the house we wanted. We'll be OK, and this house is already back on the market. It's just that we're suffering from a wee bit of separation anxiety. It's awfully nice to have access to that one book or that certain DVD at a moment's notice, and it's swell to actually have a glass from which to drink (instead of plastic). And my cold-weather clothes? In THERE instead of HERE. So yes, it's taking some getting used to!

Then there's our bare house. It just seems so much colder. I chalk that up to our missing books; books always seem to warm a home, don't they? The kids' rooms are really empty (and yet still not clean? Go figure). Ryan jokes that kids hear all the time that if they're bad, their parents are going to take away all their toys. Well, it's happened—even though Ryan and Katie aren't even close to bad! Thanks to the library, the Wii, Dish Network and the internet, the kids have plenty of opportunities for entertainment.

Last week we retrieved a vanful to bring back home:Today's Easter egg hunt will be to find my family cookbook so we can have Thanksgiving next week. (It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without our traditional broccoli-rice casserole!)

And speaking of Thanksgiving, we are so very thankful to have not just this house, but a house for our stuff, too! In spite of our latest disappointment—or maybe because of it—we're reminded that we are blessed beyond belief.

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