Sunday, November 09, 2008

Scenes from Section 1.

The Horns took on the Baylor Bears on this gorgeous fall Saturday, and even though this win didn't exactly erase the pain from last week's loss, it was good to get back to our winning ways! (With our win and Notre Dame's loss this week, Texas is now tied with the Fighting Irish for second in all-time wins behind Michigan.)


Pregame with bonus flag

Quan's back...

and he's in for the TD!

Notice how the ref CLOSEST to the play waits to signal?

NOW he signals! Peer pressure, maybe?

Fun with binoculars

Timeout for a hug

T makes a point
(probably about never going for 2 unless absolutely necessary)

What hams! I just wanted ONE PICTURE.

A little better!

Ryan and Katie were able to join me for this penultimate home game. Except for those few moments when the score was 14-14, we enjoyed ourselves. Before the game, I took the kids to explore the new north endzone, and they were impressed, especially when they saw the Krispy Kremes! The game was well in hand in the second half, so the kids went exploring, trying out the ramps behind our section to travel to the top of the upper deck. I think they enjoyed the chance to venture away from our usual corner of the stadium.

Because the game started at 11, we waited until afterwards for our tailgate feast. But since it's NaBloPoMo, those pictures can wait until tomorrow's post!

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