Monday, November 30, 2009

O Christmas Trees!

Christmas trees are bustin' out all over!
We started with our big family tree. It's in the entry by the staircase since there's not a good spot for it in our living room.
This tree is home to our family's heirloom, baby and handmade ornaments.
It's so handy to have the stairs right there! Of course, the stairs also tempt the kids to play "Plinko" and just drop ornaments to see where they'll land!
And the view from above.

One of my dreams was that after we moved, I'd have a tree in every room. I'm not quite there yet, but I did make one other dream come true: my Texas Longhorn tree!
Oh, it's all kinds of tacky with its orange and white, but I LOVE it! It's in our formal living room, the space that some day (Christmas break? spring break? SUMMER???) will become our library.
It's nice to put all of our UT ornaments in one place. I love all the burnt orange, too.
ChaCha wasted no time de-skirting our big tree, but she loves the Texas flag skirt! She has yet to mess with it (granted, it's early in the season), and we've found her on many occasions snoozing under this smaller tree.
We also have a little tree in our living room. This tree is home to our 13 years' worth of State Capitol ornaments that a friend has so generously given us over the years.

And then there's the gameroom tree:

This tree is home to most of our pop culture ornaments, from video games to superheroes to movie and TV characters.
And here's the story: It's home to the Brady Bunch, too!

Merry Christmas and happy NaBloPoMo! It's over!!! Thirty posts in 30 days. Whew.


lovefamilymemories said...

Where did you get your tree skirt? It is beautiful!

See-Dub said...

The Texas one came from Kohl's.