Friday, July 04, 2008

4th Fest, part 1.

After a hiatus of three or four years, we finally headed back to Bedford for its Fourth of July extravaganza this year. This is our favorite place to spend the Fourth because we can play at the Boys Ranch all afternoon and then have a great view of the fireworks there.

Our first order of business: FRIED CHICKEN! We enjoyed our picnic in the shade. (The ants, true to form, enjoyed our picnic, too.)

Then we took off to explore the goings-on.

We all signed a banner for injured troops at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

After making the rounds, we settled in at the Inflatazone area. We loved the mechanical bull, even if it was a little unnerving to sign a waiver before the kids could ride.

Next, Katie had her sights set on the climbing wall. (In fact, she spotted it before we'd even found a place to park.) She was definitely up to the challenge!

Success! It was hard work and her arms were really tired afterwards, but we were so proud that she made it to the top.

The kids also enjoyed a round of mini-golf. Pretty cool little portable golf course they had!

Of course, there were a couple of bounce houses, too. This one had a Jurassic theme and looked like a lot of fun!

By the time we'd had as much of Inflatazone as we could handle, we headed back to our spot to take a quick break. Whew!

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