Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Twelve years ago today.

The face—and belly—of "borderline" gestational diabetes.
This was taken about a week before Ryan decided to join us.

Twelve years ago this minute, in the wee small hours of the morning, we were on our way to the hospital. I was just SURE I was in labor, but the doctor sent us home. We'd barely had time to get back into our PJs when my water broke, so back we went!

We returned to the hospital around 5 a.m., and my doctor started me on pitocin to get those contractions rolling. And roll they did! I distinctly remember using the Atlanta Olympics on TV as my focal point when those waves of pain came, and I can still "see" the second TV that was on the wall in my L/D room, a TV that existed only because of the painkillers I was on. (Talk about groovy. Two TVs, dudes.) I remember telling my friends to NEVER HAVE CHILDREN(!), and I remember the three attempts the anesthesiologist needed to get the epidural to work (even though he NEVER misses—or so he said). And I remember the waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

It was around 11 p.m. when my doctor decided this baby was just too big for me, so into the OR we went. I remember being insanely curious about what was happening on the other side of the curtain, but Brett was most definitely not going to take a look on my behalf. Then I remember Ryan's first cry, our first glimpse of him.

And then I remember more pain. After I was wheeled back into my room, nurses were all over me. I was bleeding, and it wasn't stopping. Everyone who'd been waiting 18 hours to see Ryan was crammed into the room, but I couldn't even acknowledge them. I remember the mashing, the pain, and Brett's and my mom's worried faces. My OB was right there, ready to take me back into surgery if the bleeding didn't stop. But finally the bleeding slowed, and our Adventures in Parenting had begun!

We prayed, prayed, prayed for this child before he was born, and we continue to pray for his health and happiness. We also pray that when sickness and sorrow come, he'll have the joy of the Lord to sustain him. God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams with this cool, smart, sweet, funny young man. And this year, he made us so very proud when he added another birthday to our calendar:
Ryan's baptism
Jan. 27, 2008

Happy birthday, Ryan! As I've been telling you for 12 years now, no matter where you go or what you do, Mommy will always love you!


PB said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! I can't believe you made your mom look so big when you were so tiny. lol

Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. I really am getting old. 12 years??? Please tell Ryan happy birthday for me. I also remember all the waiting that was done that day. :)