Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scenes from Thursday.

Even though I was reeling from our family's sad news, we still had a full day at camp!

My compadres: Rick, Lesha and Laura, fellow dorm parents
It was so much fun to get to know these three!

Can you spot Ryan?

Legacy, the singing group that performed that night

Group 14

Campers are divided into groups of 20 or so boys and girls with two male and two female counselors, and not all of our kids were in this group. After this picture was taken, we were able to get together with all the HCC folks. Since my "dorm mom" duties took me away from many activities, I was especially thankful for this chance to be with all of our kids that night. It was such a blessing to hear what our campers had learned during their time at camp.

Candlelight Devo

After the touching candlelight service, we were off to the dorms to clean and pack! It was a long night, but our hearts were full thanks to the spirit-lifting week we'd all experienced.

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